Friday, May 7, 2010

A very small beginning of a fitness program

I've begun to workout in earnest.

Here are a few things I have learned over the years in regards to exercise and me.

  1. I do not workout well alone. I love people and the more that are in it with me the happier and more enthusiastic I am about the workout.

  2. I love aerobic exercises that get me sweating hard. I do not think that I would have the patience for yoga or other slower forms of exercise.

  3. I can not follow an exercise book. Cannot. Enough said.

  4. I don't mind exercise videos. As long as I can change it up and try new ones regularly.

  5. I love best to be outdoors when I am exercising. This is not always possible in Alberta.

  6. My favorite form of exercise would be a game. Tennis anyone?

  7. I hate paying the huge fees for gym memberships.

  8. I quickly get bored of places like Curves for Women.

  9. I hate the atmosphere of the big gyms where the attitude is 'dog eat dog' and 'each to their own'. It's as if there is so much competition that no one wants to cheer when someone else is successful in reaching their goals.

With all this in mind and a determination to begin a consistent exercise program that would fit my needs and desires I began my search for the perfect workout.

Along comes Walking at Home with Leslie Samsone. Most of this video is walking in place with all the enhancing exercises that can be done will doing the walk. Leslie has been on my shelf for a few years now but I refused to look her way until a few weeks ago. I glanced at her book long enough to remember that I had one of her videos stored away and that I ought to give it a try. I dug it out and promptly fell to watching it. As I watched with nary a sweat, I became excited. I could do this. And I did. And again and again. Leslie is very enthusiastic and she has other exercising with her in the videos. She is humorous and cheery. I can feel as if I am with people to a degree and this is important to me. Now I have 4 of her exercise videos and am enjoying the ability I have to change them up. When I get bored I will just buy some more.

That is how I get in aerobics every second day. I do it in my center hall while Channie watches me and does her annoying copying thing. Every word I say, see copies. She thinks she's being cute, but it annoys me somethin' fierce.

Then I walk the road a couple times a week with either a neighbor or a friend.

And I do two weight training videos a week, at least I am trying to do two. These are not as welcome for me but I need to build up muscle in order to metabolize my foods so much better and faster. Both weight training and the walking with Leslie can be done outdoors on my deck. Another big deal for me.

Put these all together, along with the stretching and I have a program that fits many of my needs and comes close to the perfect way for me to get my exercise.

Fitness is so important for us. It gives us such a boost of energy and confidence. Tell me, how do you get in your daily quota of heart and mind-healthy activity?


  1. To bad you don't live closer... I LOVE tennis and badminton. Devin and I are getting into it more as the weather is nicer, but I can't play for very long. It is fun though!

  2. Keep being as active as you safely can for as long as you can. You won't regret it.

  3. Still just plain old walking for me. A while back I had a video from the library that used an elastic for muscle toning and I really enjoyed that... even when the boys crowded my space! Haha... I understand about Channie. Kids just wanna do what mom does... sometimes, eh?

    I read Leslie from you a couple years ago or so and I was very intrigued. Good that you're able to do that... it may be something I should look into again...

    I agree about exercising with friends... it goes so much faster, is not as tiring... it seems... and is SO much more fun!

    I'm so glad your doing this, Tracy, you're gonna get there! It's so important to do your best to stay strong and healthy no matter what, right? As always... you inspire! :)

  4. Exercising has become a joy! I do it for pleasure and nothing else and that is what makes it feel so good...I belive.