Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Give your Metabolism the Gift of Time

We can all work on slowing down and relaxing when we are fueling up our bodies for our next meal and every meal thereafter. It's such a simple move we make that makes all the difference to our nutritional metabolism. Remember that the slower you eat the faster you metabolize and the faster you metabolize the sooner you will lose those excess pounds.
Lets commit to giving ourselves the gift of time at each meal, knowing that our to do list and the rest of the world can wait while we take a few extra minutes to enjoy our meals.

Here are a few back to basics that I have been reclaiming. We all used to eat like this...when we were children. It's time to take back this healthier way of eating.

If you normally eat breakfast in 10 minutes, bump that up to 20 minutes and continue to increase it to up to a 1/2 hour. No kiddin'! we need to give ourselves this time. We don't need to be shovelin' the whole time, but we need to be more aware, we need to put our forks down regularly between bites and we need to visit with each other. This takes time.

If needs be, rearrange your schedule to make time for these longer meals. Even if the rest of your family has to run off you can still allow yourself extra time to sit and finish your meal. It's O.K. Really!

Try to get everyone in on this new way with you. Make mealtime special by coming up with interesting topics to be discussed together.

Have your own private game, you win if you're finished last.

Remember that I am not perfect and that I do not always want to follow my own rules, but these are the things I have been trying and I am having a fairly good measure of success.


  1. This really does make a difference. The last 2 mornings I sat down and "meditated" (haha;)) on each scoop of my breakfast as I chewed.

    Boy, was I full after and didn't feel the need to eat again right after like I often do.

  2. WOOOHOOO! So glad you tried it! YES, it does make a huge difference. Do it every meal and you will be so much more satisfied.