Saturday, May 15, 2010

SB 2 Page 1+100 First and last pages


  1. Love the colors on the Janina page!

    On the second page I would put either: " the series holds for you."


    " the series has in store for you."

    Not sure why... it just seems to flow better... I think...

  2. I've been struggling with how to word it too!

  3. Tracy I think these story books are such a great idea... They must be so great for your kids. So encoraging and uplifting. I know I LOVE reading something that mom writes about me, when I EVER get the chance to... which is rare, unless I were to snoop in her journal maybe... But for me reading something that someone writes ABOUT me (not nessesarily TO me) really makes me feel loved.

    I am going to have to start doing this some day...

  4. Racheal, you can start right now! I know that I wish I had. I often wonder what it was like when it was just Brian and I at home. Start now! Find a scrapbooking place on the web. I know they have places where you can add your pictures to pre-designed pages and then when finished you can buy the book. Check it out!