Monday, May 17, 2010

Small Changes for BIG Morning Energy

What's wrong with this picture?

  • 6:30- That horrid alarm clock jolts me awake.

  • 6:55-After smacking the snooze 3 times, I jump out of bed and, stumbling about I throw on anything fairly decent and head for the kids' room. I call them all awake in a crackly voice and then slowly force my stiff ankles to climb up those seemingly endless stairs.

  • 7:15- I haul myself out of the LazyBoy, pushing off clingy kids who were also waking up on my lap and I begin to prepare the kids' school lunches, meanwhile forcing down a bowl of sugar laden cereal.

  • 8:00- The kids are on the bus and I am on the couch wondering why I feel so tired. "I had eight hours of sleep last night", I moan aloud to the world. "Why does it have to be this way?"

    • I believe a crazy morning routine like the one I outlined above is the result of not waking up naturally. Iknow that my mid-morning energy levels are predicted by what I do when I first get up. I've found that this typical (though no longer) morning routine works temporarily but always leaves me lagging behind in the long run. Low energy saps me of creativity, spontaneity, concentration and motivation. It makes me irritable and causes me undue stress.

      I've since learned that sudden activity kicks up my blood pressure and I get the false feeling of alertness and energy. But these adrenaline producing tactics are only short lived. Once the mayhem is over, its crash time.

      I tell myself, "Its much better to start your day by coming out of sleep mode more naturally. By helping your body get off to a more relaxed start you are giving your body the gift of a more energized day." Now I just have to believe me and do it. Which I am...for the most part.

      Think of how Eve must have got up in the morning. I am positive that she didn't jump up at the first screech of a rooster and hit the dirt running. I believe we need to get back to our roots and wake up the native way once again.

      How do I suggest we do this?

      I say we start by just being in the presence; pondering whatever comes to mind. Then let your body do what it aches to do...stretch. I wish now that I had not tried to tell you all just how to stretch because I believe it can throw some of us off if we feel that we are not doing it 'perfect'. There is no perfect way. Do what feels best. Just do it. Then it's on to deep breathing. Again, there is no perfect way to do this. Do it in your own way , in your own order or you will probably not do it at all. Then and only then go about your business in a slow but deliberate way. No adrenaline rush. Now your metabolism can begin to get back to work in a gentle way.

      I feel that these small changes will result in the biggest energy boost. It's just what so many of us need to live fuller, healthier and happier lives. Starting the morning off wrong throws your whole day off and you never catch up after that. Once you have a strong morning routine in place you will notice it in all other aspects of life.

      Morning routines are very personal. I will not outline one for fear you will all think that it's the perfect way and will strive to do it just so. When you don't succeed you will give up. Same story over again. So no, there is no right way...just YOUR way!

      Why am I stressing this? Because I want us all to be successful, healthy and strong. I stress a morning routine that you can stick to because I know from experience that it makes such a difference in how I live each moment after. Also, I want us all in this together. Who's with me?

      Please let me in on how you plan on living out your own personal morning routine. Take your time in getting back to me but when you do, can you add it to the comments. This is the only life change I expect each of you to report back to me ... at this time. At the risk of sounding like an advetisment I will say, "Seriously, this will change your life."


      1. I sat down last night and thought good and hard about what I wanted my week to look like. The week of my 31st birthday.

        Tracy, you inspired me greatly on our little visit of Saturday night. You seem so full of life and excitement! I want to feel this way too!

        So, I wrote out my morning routine. You're right, our routines will all look very different as we are at different stages in our lives.


        Here is a rough outline of what I would like to accomplish before I start my household tasks, etc.

        -Wake up at between 6:30 and 6:45
        -STRETCH in whatever way I want! :) (Thank you for confirming my thoughts on this!)
        -Go for a 30-40 minute walk. (I hope that a morning walk will help me to better get my exercise in every day.) Stretch again after my walk... the 3 you showed me last year.
        -Spend time doing my devotions.
        -Make up my 8-10 glasses of lemon water.
        -Put on my egg yolk mask... still trying to combat that dryness!
        -Make up a green smoothie for breakfast.

        I want to do my utmost to eat only whole foods. No store bought milk... no cheerios! :)
        (I might still eat wraps but I'm gonna try to get in more salads.) AND NO SUGAR!

        We'll see how I do on my birthday after eating 3 days of pure whole foods... I wonder... will I even desire sweets?

        I'm okay if I do... I can't get religious about this... NO STRESSING, right?

        Another thing I've decided is that I am not going to weigh myself in these 3 days. This is hard for me as I weigh myself every morning and this morning when I got up I had a hard time staying off the scale. I don't like this. I hate feeling like a slave to something and so I am gonna try real hard to get over the whole numbers obsession. I do still wanna keep my weight down this pregnancy but I agree that if I can just learn to eat healthier it shouldn't have to be so hard.

        Well, those are some of my thoughts... I'll let you all know how it goes!

        I, also, would love to hear what my sisters and mother are doing or are planning on doing! Please comment! :)

      2. morning routine... what fun. I probally would have the easiest time doing this as I have no children yet to distract me. My mornings right now basically look like this:

        6:20 to 6:35'ish Devin's three alarms go off, waking me only slightly.

        I doze, unless I have to go to the bathroom, until about...

        7:00 Devin comes in (running if he is rushed, or slowly taking his time if he has time)to give me my good bye kiss. I basicly mumble the exact same thing every morning.

        "Good Bye, have a good day, I love you"

        Then... I will sleep for as long as I want to. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few hours.

        And then I slowly wake up, thinking about my dreams/day/plans... and then I start my day.

        BUT, I would have to say that for me, my days go much better if I have a set time to get up and I don't procrastinate but put myself into almost high gear right away. Then I really get something done all day.

      3. Katrina, I love what you came up with. I think you shoud blog it. Perhaps start a more private one and blog about your journey to radiant health. Or whatever.

      4. Racheal, I'll be waiting for a revised morning routine. I know that you are eager to come up with something that will give you that wholesome boost that will help you get a good start to your days. Eagerly waiting~ Have fun!

      5. Thanks! I've thought a bit about doing a private health blog and am just not ready to right now. I am very content to just follow along with your blog and comment about what I am doing/changing. This still keeps me accountable and it's nice to kinda journey together on the same blog, right? :)

      6. Yeah, it's been so fun! Whenever your ready will be the right time.

      7. I just realized I said I got up between 6:30 and 6:45... actually it's 5:30 and 5:45! That will make more sense that I can get in a walk before Pete leaves at 6:45, right?

        I didn't go this morning... I've got a bit of a sore throat and it was so windy and gray outside... I'll go this evening instead. I wonder if the fact that I didn't go will effect my ambition and energy?... I hope not... we'll see...

      8. I had wondered at the times you posted! Now it makes more sense.
        I actually enjoy evening walks the most, but I agree that morning walks are the best if you need the energy for the rest of the day.