Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Renew You teleseminar

Is it time for another round of self-improvement? Me too!
The Nourished Life is advertising a teleseminar that aims to show you how to accomplish this by listening to 15 wonderful women who will talk to you about their area of expertise as relates to self-improvement. Why not skip over to The Nourished Life and talk a peek. Then sign up and enjoy the Free advice.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 16+17

What do you most remember about this charming place?

Laughter as the best medicine.

Don't view this video unless you want to laugh. Once on this page you can scroll down a bit to read about the benefits of adding laughter to you day.
I'm making laughter one of my 52 healthy lifestyle changes, only this is one that I would call a default as I participate in the activity almost everyday. If I am having a 'down' day and if I have not actually had a good belly laugh, I will go to Just For Laughs on YouTube and find a few funny ones to get me laughing. These are just a small sampling.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 14+15

Did you have a favorite plant when you were growing up?
Remember how we would find wide blades of grass and try to wistle with them? Remember the nut trees? Remember the 'woods' across the road with all the bushes? And remember the willow switches? War with neighbors and punishments?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 12+13

I just couldn't get myself to journal mch on this page. I have such sweet memories of this place. If I fill the page with words they will take center stage. I can't bear that 'cause I want the pictures to bring back there own memories. Each time I veiw these pages, different memories will surface but if I plaster these pages with journalling then all the memories will be 'cookie-cuter' memories. No, I will just leave these blank.

Dry Skin Brushing

Today I bought my second dry skin brush. I am excited to add daily dry skin brushing to my 52 healthy lifestyle changes. I will fill you in on how I benefited from this natural technique in about a months time.

To learn more about dry skin brushing. (Lots of info here but I still think that the link below will give you the same amount of info with less reading time.)

I first heard about dry skin brushing from Bernard Jensen and his book Food Healing for Man. That's when I bought my first brush but I never felt comfortable to use it. I wanted for better instruction. Well, I found those plus a whole post about the benefits of brushing daily here at The Nourished Life. This is a blog I follow, (one of only a few health blogs) and I have almost read the whole thing. I highly recommend this blog if you are interested in getting REAL about food and eating.
Dry skin Brushing-A natural way to detox from The nourished Life.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Those first 7 of 52.

If you have been following my 52 Healthy Lifestyle Changes you may be interested in how I am doing with them. Here's what I've been up to:

Number 1: Lemons- I still have a whole lemon everyday in two glasses of water. One first thing in the morning and another in the late afternoon. Katrina gave me a gorgeous green bowl to put the lemons in. It looks so nice on my island and the yellow lemons look so fresh next to the green.

Number 2: Deep Breathing- I am doing this more and more each day. At first I only ended up doing it once a day...in the morning when I just got up...but now I find myself doing it at all times of the day. It works so well for me and is a great stress reliever. Click here for a great post on the how and why of deep breathing.

Number 3: Early Morning Routine- I have not faltered from this one. I love it. One thing though...I wish I would have more desire to read the Word.

Number 4: Just Add Water- I am learning more and more about how necessary water is and I am drinking more and more each day. I think I am up to 12 cups a day. I still feel a need to go to the bathroom a lot but Kira insists that after a few more weeks that my body will start using the water more instead of sending it so quickly to the bladder. It worked for her!

Number 5: The metabolic Power of Relaxation-I am much more aware of what I am eating and as a result have really slowed down. I take the time to think about everything involved in my meal. The sight, smell, taste and texture all get my attention. I eat slowly, grateful for the renewed love of food that has taken place since I started on this healthy lifestyle. I truly have fallen in love with food again. By food, I mean real food, nothing processed. I still loath processed foods- which shouldn't even be called foods.

Number 6: Correct Posture- This one is the most amazing change of all. I am actually standing straight once again. It's been years. No kidding! Here's what happened. I developed a pregnancy back-what with all those pregnancies one after the other. So my back was always dipped in. Imagine it like this. Your heavy belly is pulled forward and your back arches. Ideally, after pregnancy you straiten up, but I didn't. Partly laziness and lack of confidence perhaps. But remember how I was determined to adjust (fix) my posture. Well I did it! I still have much room for improvement but I seldom sit with a slouch anymore and I am now unconsciously straightening my back when I get up to walk or am standing still. I am amazed at how quickly my body adjusted to this. It was very hard at first. I got such a sore back from using those muscles that I had neglected for so long. I now walk straight and tall and feel so very slim. So much so that when I looked in the mirror this evening I was shocked to see that I wasn't slim at all! Not at all! But I feel that slim, and that's what counts.

Number 7: Morning stretches- Love doing these and feel I will not ever want to give them up after discovering just how energizing they are. I love rubbing my feet and stretching them along with every other stretch. I have been doing a bit of reflexology with my feet in the mornings and hope to learn more about it. When I do, I will make it Lifestyle Change. Yes, stretching before and after getting up is so good. Then, for something real nice, step outside and do it while facing the warm morning sun...barefoot!

That's it for now. I will be adding three new ones soon. Laughter, Dry Skin Brushing and Coconut Oil. Keep posted and let me know if you are following along!

Scrapbook 3, Page 10+11

What do you do to pass the time while you are traveling this long, long road?


Have you ever wondered just how safe microwaves are?

Here's what I learned today:

That microwaves zap nutrients right out of your foods. What's the point of eating then, if there is no more sustenance to be had?

That studies have documented immediate and dramatic changes in your heart rate after consuming microwaved foods.

That microwaves leak radiation. I'm sure I need not say more about that.
That microwaves change your foods chemical structure.

That microwaves can cause a whole range of unwanted symptoms that they now called 'microwave sickness'.
For more about microwaves, click the link directly below.
Here's what I've been doing more of:

  1. I've been taking my meat out in the morning so I don't have to defrost it in the mic. half an hour before I need to have a meal on the table.

  2. I heat my water on the stove.

  3. I reheat my leftovers in the wok. I have found this to be much more tastier then nuking it.

  4. Steam my veggies on the stove.

Really, in the end I only used my microwave for defrosting meat, heating water and reheating leftovers. Occasionally I would steam my veggies. Now I only want to use it to disinfect my dish clothes every once in a while.

Do you use your microwave? If so, will you still? If yes, why?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 8+9

Have you ever been to the Giant Cedar Boardwalk. It's on the way to chilliwack and worth a quick stop. Not only do you get to stretch your legs but you get to hear, see, feel and smell a whole lot of wonderful things of nature. So good and refreshing after being in the car for the past couple hours.
Is there a favorite stop that you take on the way to Chilliwack that you care to share with me?

Funny Face, I love you! (humor post)

Want to know how to exercise your face and have a good laugh while you are at it? Then go here and watch the video. Seriously this is SO funny!
I did the exercises while I watched and as crazy as it sounds, I feel that I have indeed worked those muscles.
You know, this may hold some weight and may be something I will SOMEDAY add to my 52 healthy lifestyle changes. Channie came to watch me as I did these 'cause I was laughing so hard. I thought the models looked SO funny as they stretched their faces.

For even more videos and some fascinating reading on this subject, go here.

Tell me,
  • What did it feel like to do these exercises?
  • Did you see the humor in it, or was it just me?
  • Do you think there is a considerable benefit to adding this to my 52 healthy lifestyle changes?
  • Would you consider making it a part of your exercise routine?

I'd love to be a fly on the wall while you try out these exercises. What a hoot!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 6+7

This really was such a beautiful day. I love it that there were pictures taken in front of a church. So traditional and so fitting. I do hope that all my children will be married in a church and have pictures taken by it's front door.
What was your favorite part of this day?

Enjoying a safe and healthy summer

If you use sunscreen or mosquito spray you must read this about its harmful effects on the skin.
( All the links I supply bring you to the same page...on Dr. Mercola's health site.)

Here's a good video to watch if you do not want to do all the reading. It's only 6 minutes.

"Sunscreen blocks your bodies production of Vitamin D. Most brand contain
toxic free radical generators which I believe can increase your risk of disease.
Here's the ultimate way to protect yourself this summer..."-Dr. Mercola

An interesting side:
Since I lost my D&G sunglasses last summer I've been thinking about whether or not it is even safe to use them. I pondered whether there were good things from the sun that my eyes needed that the sunglasses were blocking. I planned on googling it
to see what others believed about the safety of sunglasses but hadn't got around
to it. Till today. If you watch the video I linked to you will hear
about how the sunglasses do block good things from our eyes, things our eyes
need to be healthy. Watch it and get back to me with what you think about what
he says. After watching, answer this:

Will you still wear sunglasses? If not,
why not?

As for me, I will just continue to do without, ( new sunglasses are expensive!) but will start to consider wearing a visor and perhaps a bit
of natural sunscreen around my eyes.

Also, if you wear mosquito spray and sunscreen how do you feel
about that now? Have you found contrary information to this that would prove for me that it is still safer to wear them then to be exposed to the sun and the pests. I'd love to hear the other side of the story...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 4+5

Breanne had such a lot of fun at the wedding it reminded me of when I was a kid and occasionally was allow to attend a wedding reception. It was such a rare treat and I have such fond memories of the games that were played. I most remember the hat game and the game where the blindfolded participants had to feed each other whipped cream.
What are your fondest wedding reception memories?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding contentment in staying home Part 1

Are you wondering how my first day went?

Would you believe that I baked some raisin oatmeal cookies? Very unusual for me as I have not baked anything in over a year. My big girls do all the baking that needs doing.

I did a load of wash instead of letting it wait till Wednesday and Saturday. I washed the kitchen floor instead of waiting for it to get filthy. I worked a bit in the garden, transplanting rhubarb and chives to a more convenient place. I puttered around in the chicken coop and took home and washed 25 eggs that the hens were so kind to give up for me. I took pictures of bees in the crab trees.

I made a colorful lunch that I enjoyed eating. Yes, I am falling in love with food once again.

I read a bit from the fascinating book In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan. I checked out a few blogs and went for a short stroll to the back.

Then I went to town. Yes, you read that right. I tried to get out of it. I pleaded but in the end hubby won. He just couldn't make it to town and he NEEDED to have a cheque brought to the bank. It was 10,000.00 that was badly needed in the account before 4:00. Finally, I agreed to go.

Sometimes our best plans will not pan out. And this is fine. I still want to be flexible while doing this partial hibernation. And I will be. I can let go of perfectionism so much easier these days.

All in all it was a very pleasant day, I got lots done and I even spent some time piecing my Twin Sisters Quilt.

Small Changes for BIG Morning Energy

What's wrong with this picture?

  • 6:30- That horrid alarm clock jolts me awake.

  • 6:55-After smacking the snooze 3 times, I jump out of bed and, stumbling about I throw on anything fairly decent and head for the kids' room. I call them all awake in a crackly voice and then slowly force my stiff ankles to climb up those seemingly endless stairs.

  • 7:15- I haul myself out of the LazyBoy, pushing off clingy kids who were also waking up on my lap and I begin to prepare the kids' school lunches, meanwhile forcing down a bowl of sugar laden cereal.

  • 8:00- The kids are on the bus and I am on the couch wondering why I feel so tired. "I had eight hours of sleep last night", I moan aloud to the world. "Why does it have to be this way?"

    • I believe a crazy morning routine like the one I outlined above is the result of not waking up naturally. Iknow that my mid-morning energy levels are predicted by what I do when I first get up. I've found that this typical (though no longer) morning routine works temporarily but always leaves me lagging behind in the long run. Low energy saps me of creativity, spontaneity, concentration and motivation. It makes me irritable and causes me undue stress.

      I've since learned that sudden activity kicks up my blood pressure and I get the false feeling of alertness and energy. But these adrenaline producing tactics are only short lived. Once the mayhem is over, its crash time.

      I tell myself, "Its much better to start your day by coming out of sleep mode more naturally. By helping your body get off to a more relaxed start you are giving your body the gift of a more energized day." Now I just have to believe me and do it. Which I am...for the most part.

      Think of how Eve must have got up in the morning. I am positive that she didn't jump up at the first screech of a rooster and hit the dirt running. I believe we need to get back to our roots and wake up the native way once again.

      How do I suggest we do this?

      I say we start by just being in the presence; pondering whatever comes to mind. Then let your body do what it aches to do...stretch. I wish now that I had not tried to tell you all just how to stretch because I believe it can throw some of us off if we feel that we are not doing it 'perfect'. There is no perfect way. Do what feels best. Just do it. Then it's on to deep breathing. Again, there is no perfect way to do this. Do it in your own way , in your own order or you will probably not do it at all. Then and only then go about your business in a slow but deliberate way. No adrenaline rush. Now your metabolism can begin to get back to work in a gentle way.

      I feel that these small changes will result in the biggest energy boost. It's just what so many of us need to live fuller, healthier and happier lives. Starting the morning off wrong throws your whole day off and you never catch up after that. Once you have a strong morning routine in place you will notice it in all other aspects of life.

      Morning routines are very personal. I will not outline one for fear you will all think that it's the perfect way and will strive to do it just so. When you don't succeed you will give up. Same story over again. So no, there is no right way...just YOUR way!

      Why am I stressing this? Because I want us all to be successful, healthy and strong. I stress a morning routine that you can stick to because I know from experience that it makes such a difference in how I live each moment after. Also, I want us all in this together. Who's with me?

      Please let me in on how you plan on living out your own personal morning routine. Take your time in getting back to me but when you do, can you add it to the comments. This is the only life change I expect each of you to report back to me ... at this time. At the risk of sounding like an advetisment I will say, "Seriously, this will change your life."

      Saturday, May 15, 2010

      Friday, May 14, 2010

      SB 2, Page 98+99 A touch of heritage

      Do you wonder why Andrew is in these pictures?
      It's because I find he looks so much like Pake did as a baby. So I put them side by side. Do you see the resemblance or is it just me?
      I noticed that there is no journaling. I meant to write a letter to Beppe for that page. I will do it before sending this book off but still might upload it so you can see what I wrote.
      This is almost the last of this book that I have to show you. I will upload the first and last pages tomorrow. When editing, please look for things like- lack of shadow, elements not lining up, etc. as well as the common spelling and grammer mistakes. Thanks so much. It means alot to me.

      The natural world in my little world

      I am so pleased. My almond shrub has finally bloomed. We waited 7 years for this moment. Two years ago Brian ripped this shrub out by the roots because it never bore fruit, was not pleasing to look at and it cumbered the ground. I was ready for it to go too though I knew from pictures that if it would only bloom it would be gorgeous.
      Well as things usually go on farm he never did get it completely cleaned up and last year it came up from the roots. Long, slender, young shoots. Brian said he would spray it with something to kill it. Again, it never happened. And I am so glad it did not!
      This year, for the first time it was covered with buds. Then the cold and snow came and I was so worried that the frost would kill the buds and I would still not get to see for myself the beauty that this shrub promised. But the cold did nothing terrible to it except 'burn' a bit of the bud and today it is blooming in all its glory.
      I found out that this shrub only blooms on second year old wood. I learned that I should have trimmed out all the old wood each year and left energy for the younger shoots to bloom. Pulling this beauty out of the ground was the best thing for it. This fall I will be trimming out the old wood so that next year I can have this lovely treat to gaze on once again.

      I received some tulips from a friend for my birthday. Next morning when I got out of bed...stretched... and made my way to the living room for my devotions I noticed this sun shining on the tulip. Devotions were forgotten as I ran for my camera to try and capture the sun shining through the petals. I love how it turned out.

      Beholding God's handiwork is also a form of devotion, don't you think. Especially if you praise Him for the beauty the surrounds us each morning...and all day, for that matter.

      Then I went out and photographed the blossoms on the crab tree and the may day tree. The fragrance coming from both these trees is divine. I delight in just being under these trees' spell.

      I was walking through the trees when I saw a bit of plastic in one of the Ponderosa pines. I reached up to rip it out of the trees but just in time noticed the robin. With no lack of twigs she still craved something modern with which to build her nest.
      Finally! I got a shot of the elusive robin with out the aid of a telephoto lens, though that would have been nicer. I had hope to get one of these lenses for my birthday but instead got a gadget that I haven't a clue how to use. It's an ipod touch. Someday...

      Our Children

      As always, if you want to see the pictures better, just click on them.

      Wednesday, May 12, 2010

      SB 2 Page 96+ 97

      I dearly hope that this one doesn't offend anyone b/c I found the comments made by you two that day before the wedding to be so cute. Please let me know if I got it just right or if the words were said in slightly a different way. Do you remember Racheal?

      SB 2, Pages 92 + 93, Just Happy

      Monday, May 10, 2010

      Most Popular Gift for Mother's Day

      Recognize this Mother's Day gift? All moms everywhere know what this is about. It's spring and the first of the bulbs are starting to bloom. We want to enjoy them while they are in the garden and perhaps if we are honest we want to show them off. Then one of our little ones comes in with his/her fist tightly grasping a very short stemmed bloom. Inwardly we groan b/c we know that they were plucked from our garden (and there were so few of them the way it was) but outwardly we beam at them and make a big deal about the gift that they have so thoughfully brought to us.

      I'm interested in what you say to your child following this exchange.

      Friday, May 7, 2010

      SB 2 Page 94+95 Sisters at Bridal Veil Falls

      SB 2, Pages 90 + 91, You are so funny

      SB 2, Page 88+89 Motherly Love

      A very small beginning of a fitness program

      I've begun to workout in earnest.

      Here are a few things I have learned over the years in regards to exercise and me.

      1. I do not workout well alone. I love people and the more that are in it with me the happier and more enthusiastic I am about the workout.

      2. I love aerobic exercises that get me sweating hard. I do not think that I would have the patience for yoga or other slower forms of exercise.

      3. I can not follow an exercise book. Cannot. Enough said.

      4. I don't mind exercise videos. As long as I can change it up and try new ones regularly.

      5. I love best to be outdoors when I am exercising. This is not always possible in Alberta.

      6. My favorite form of exercise would be a game. Tennis anyone?

      7. I hate paying the huge fees for gym memberships.

      8. I quickly get bored of places like Curves for Women.

      9. I hate the atmosphere of the big gyms where the attitude is 'dog eat dog' and 'each to their own'. It's as if there is so much competition that no one wants to cheer when someone else is successful in reaching their goals.

      With all this in mind and a determination to begin a consistent exercise program that would fit my needs and desires I began my search for the perfect workout.

      Along comes Walking at Home with Leslie Samsone. Most of this video is walking in place with all the enhancing exercises that can be done will doing the walk. Leslie has been on my shelf for a few years now but I refused to look her way until a few weeks ago. I glanced at her book long enough to remember that I had one of her videos stored away and that I ought to give it a try. I dug it out and promptly fell to watching it. As I watched with nary a sweat, I became excited. I could do this. And I did. And again and again. Leslie is very enthusiastic and she has other exercising with her in the videos. She is humorous and cheery. I can feel as if I am with people to a degree and this is important to me. Now I have 4 of her exercise videos and am enjoying the ability I have to change them up. When I get bored I will just buy some more.

      That is how I get in aerobics every second day. I do it in my center hall while Channie watches me and does her annoying copying thing. Every word I say, see copies. She thinks she's being cute, but it annoys me somethin' fierce.

      Then I walk the road a couple times a week with either a neighbor or a friend.

      And I do two weight training videos a week, at least I am trying to do two. These are not as welcome for me but I need to build up muscle in order to metabolize my foods so much better and faster. Both weight training and the walking with Leslie can be done outdoors on my deck. Another big deal for me.

      Put these all together, along with the stretching and I have a program that fits many of my needs and comes close to the perfect way for me to get my exercise.

      Fitness is so important for us. It gives us such a boost of energy and confidence. Tell me, how do you get in your daily quota of heart and mind-healthy activity?