Friday, May 21, 2010


Have you ever wondered just how safe microwaves are?

Here's what I learned today:

That microwaves zap nutrients right out of your foods. What's the point of eating then, if there is no more sustenance to be had?

That studies have documented immediate and dramatic changes in your heart rate after consuming microwaved foods.

That microwaves leak radiation. I'm sure I need not say more about that.
That microwaves change your foods chemical structure.

That microwaves can cause a whole range of unwanted symptoms that they now called 'microwave sickness'.
For more about microwaves, click the link directly below.
Here's what I've been doing more of:

  1. I've been taking my meat out in the morning so I don't have to defrost it in the mic. half an hour before I need to have a meal on the table.

  2. I heat my water on the stove.

  3. I reheat my leftovers in the wok. I have found this to be much more tastier then nuking it.

  4. Steam my veggies on the stove.

Really, in the end I only used my microwave for defrosting meat, heating water and reheating leftovers. Occasionally I would steam my veggies. Now I only want to use it to disinfect my dish clothes every once in a while.

Do you use your microwave? If so, will you still? If yes, why?


  1. I have always hated the thought of a microwave close to me when it is on. So we have ours in the porch room and everytime I use it I RUN into the other room after pushing start. We use ours mainly for ...hmm... melting butter for baking, sometimes (rarely) for defrosting meat, and grilled cheese I guess, although I like the tast of grilled cheese in the oven better. So actually we don't use ours very much at all! But yeah, I always knew they killed your food, so why do i use it at all? maybe one day we will get rid of it altogether.

  2. People are convinced that microwaving also kills the taste. So I have been heating up leftovers for Brian in the stove and he doesn't know why but he is enjoying the meals much more.

  3. On the note of microwaves, when we had that massive power outage, it seems to have messed with mom's microwave. Now if you punch 30 seconds, it counts faster. Same thing with the clock on the microwave. Now 30 seconds is really only about 18. Its pretty funny. But I don't like using the microwave either! Dad always made sure we waited til all the beeps and such were done before we could open the door. We had to wait til the humming stopped completely. He's thought microwaves were a bad idea years ago.

  4. You know, a lot of people thought the same years ago, but somehow the media convinces us of the younger generations that it was indeed safe. Had we only listened to those who were concerned we would not be regretting year of use. I am horrified that I let me kids stand in front of it while they wathed there cheese grill. Not anymore!

  5. I,m unplugging it right away! Thanks for the info.