Friday, May 7, 2010

The story behind the pictures.

At the time it was tragic. Now I laugh. Isn't that the way it often is with life?

We had gone to Vancouver Island with the family in 2008. It was a BIG deal. We flew the whole family out there. You ought to have seen the faces of some people at the airport. I know that they were just dying to ask, Are they all yours?

We did loads of sightseeing, two of the places being Cathedral Forest and the Nygard Lighthouse.

I mention these because I had definite plans for these places. It was here that I as goin' to take the perfect family pictures and use them as Christmas cards for the coming Christmas season.

The kids were in a great humor as we pulled up to the first stop. The Cathedral Forest was completely breathtaking. I didn't talk much because I spent much time standing in awe, beholding the majesty of these giant trees. The thought that God was so much more mightier then these trees, in fact, making them appear as wisps of grass when compared...and so much more...that I was in a state of worship. Therefore I did not notice when a fight broke out amongst the kids. When they rudely interrupted my thoughts, I snapped. This made everyone grumpy.

They say, if momma ain't happy, ain't anyone happy. Well this was the case this time. We were almost finished the walk when we came to THE Tree where I planned to take the photo. It was hollow at the bottom and I could fit everyone in it for the picture. Most of the children were cooperating but BREANNE! No way was she gonna look at the camera and she was NOT goin' to smile, no way!

So we took the pictures anyway and all of them showed a very angry Breanne glaring at the camera. At least we convinced her in the end to look our way.

So much for that! I put the camera away, comforted with the idea that we would get a good one next day at the lighthouse. I would do my best to keep the kids friendly with each other, not hurt any ones feelings and be happy and enthusiastic myself.

When we arrived at the lighthouse things were looking great. I knew we would be successful. The weather was perfect, like I love it. Not too hot, nor too cold. The kids were playful and full of energy as they ran from underground hideout to lofty lookouts. When we got to the lighthouse something terrible happened. We lost Channie! I was frantic! So much ground to cover and no idea of where to look first. And as it always goes, the minute she showed up there was intense relief followed by furious emotion. Angry. And I took it out on the kids, Gideon in particular, who had promised to watch her for the time.

Big Bad mistake. After I calmed down, which was right away because I can never stay mad for more then 2 minutes, it was time to take the picture. I put on my most cheerful attitude and got them to line up like I planned.

Yep, you guessed it! Gideon would not cooperate. Not, not, not. Look close at the picture. Although he finally turned his head to meet the camera, he looks miserable. I feel sorry for him as I look at it. I was too hard on him.

So that's the story behind the pictures. I never did use them for cards. I am ashamed of how I acted. These pictures remind me of just how human I am and that I always have so much room for improvement when it comes to mothering these precious souls.

A bit of not attempt to travel with 7 young kids for 10 days while sleeping in hotel rooms and driving two separate little cars all over your vacation destination. Choose to take a camper, a LARGE one or to at least rent a house while there, for the cramped quarters add greatly to a mothers stress.


  1. oh dear... I know how that is. I have it sometimes when I am really grumpy and I KNOW I should not show it because I will regret it. But I am so selfish at that moment that I don't care, and I let it out. And then Devin is hurt and I regret it!!! Because like you, I am angry only for a few min.s :) Live and learn i guess. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Racheal. It good to be honest, it shows we are trying to improve. Keep working on it, but know that it will probably take a life time. My dear old neighbor, 75 + years still complains about how hard it is to put self aside.

  3. I've got picture's like this, too. It feels so awful now to look at them.

    Too bad about the lighthouse picture... it's still really nice, though...

    I love the Cathedral Forest but it's terrible for taking pictures... the lighting is so weird...