Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dry Skin Brushing

Today I bought my second dry skin brush. I am excited to add daily dry skin brushing to my 52 healthy lifestyle changes. I will fill you in on how I benefited from this natural technique in about a months time.

To learn more about dry skin brushing. (Lots of info here but I still think that the link below will give you the same amount of info with less reading time.)

I first heard about dry skin brushing from Bernard Jensen and his book Food Healing for Man. That's when I bought my first brush but I never felt comfortable to use it. I wanted for better instruction. Well, I found those plus a whole post about the benefits of brushing daily here at The Nourished Life. This is a blog I follow, (one of only a few health blogs) and I have almost read the whole thing. I highly recommend this blog if you are interested in getting REAL about food and eating.
Dry skin Brushing-A natural way to detox from The nourished Life.


  1. Very Interesting! How are you enjoying doing this? I think it might be neat to try...

  2. Like I said, I just started and although my skin is protesting a bit because the brush feels rough, I am getting more confident. That first link I supplied is well worth reading if you are serious about trying this. If not, just read the last link I gave. I hope to update you all on this in about a months time.