Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 4+5

Breanne had such a lot of fun at the wedding it reminded me of when I was a kid and occasionally was allow to attend a wedding reception. It was such a rare treat and I have such fond memories of the games that were played. I most remember the hat game and the game where the blindfolded participants had to feed each other whipped cream.
What are your fondest wedding reception memories?


  1. of course Katrina's reception and how I laughed and laughed while watching the blindfolded men feeding each other whipping cream. That was the reason I wanted it at my wedding, because it was such fun for me as a kid!

  2. "where" should be changed to "were"

    I have to agree with Racheal... I've never laughed so hard at a reception as I did at my own! :) And it's almost even funnier now, when I watch the video of it!

  3. Oh! And thinking about Breanne... I was gonna ask...

    "Would she be able to babysit on Thursday night?... 6:30?"

    Pete and I wanna go out for my birthday.

  4. Breanne can, yes.

    Thanks for sharing the wedding reception memories!