Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding contentment in staying home Part 1

Are you wondering how my first day went?

Would you believe that I baked some raisin oatmeal cookies? Very unusual for me as I have not baked anything in over a year. My big girls do all the baking that needs doing.

I did a load of wash instead of letting it wait till Wednesday and Saturday. I washed the kitchen floor instead of waiting for it to get filthy. I worked a bit in the garden, transplanting rhubarb and chives to a more convenient place. I puttered around in the chicken coop and took home and washed 25 eggs that the hens were so kind to give up for me. I took pictures of bees in the crab trees.

I made a colorful lunch that I enjoyed eating. Yes, I am falling in love with food once again.

I read a bit from the fascinating book In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan. I checked out a few blogs and went for a short stroll to the back.

Then I went to town. Yes, you read that right. I tried to get out of it. I pleaded but in the end hubby won. He just couldn't make it to town and he NEEDED to have a cheque brought to the bank. It was 10,000.00 that was badly needed in the account before 4:00. Finally, I agreed to go.

Sometimes our best plans will not pan out. And this is fine. I still want to be flexible while doing this partial hibernation. And I will be. I can let go of perfectionism so much easier these days.

All in all it was a very pleasant day, I got lots done and I even spent some time piecing my Twin Sisters Quilt.


  1. What a fun homey day! I love those days. :)

  2. Yes! I WAS wondering! Those pictures are delightful... depicting a simple and homey lifestyle. Good for you!

    And I feel strongly that you were best going to town for Brian. After all, one of our highest callings is to be a help meet and if you had whined and fussed about him messing up your schedule you would have felt worse, right?

    What matters is that you are not throwing the whole plan out the window just 'cause of that one little thing.

    I have been doing wonderful with my plan! Stuck to my morning routine 2 days in a row and I really feel great... SO MUCH ENERGY!

    I have been eating incredibly well... no slip- ups at all and I've been keeping busy and have so much ambition.

    Yesterday evening and all of this morning I was out in my garden moving plants around, repositioning some big rocks and tilling up all the soil with my garden claw. Very heavy work... but I felt great!

    And yes, the baby should be fine... I still feel lots of movement! :)

    I really just can't believe my energy levels!

    Big plans for tomorrow of cleaning house and then it's my birthday! Somehow I just wanna start out a new year in my life with clean surroundings... I'm weird about that, I guess...

    I am so excited to be going to Calgary for one night with Pete and our boys! Swimming at the hotel... fancy continental breakfast in the morning and the Zoo all day!

    Oh yeah, Tracy, do you still have that old stroller from Chantae? I thought we may need it to carry our lunch and Allan when he gets tired... could we borrow it?

    Anyway, another one of my long comments, I know, but life is GOOD... so I have a lot to say! :)

  3. I comletely hear you...about starting the year clean. And now you are also getting back into eating clean too!
    Yes, life is so GOOD when we are doing what's right for our bodies. Glad to hear that the morning routine and everything has giving you such energy and ambition. At the risk of sounding like a brat, I'll say...I KNEW you would. :)
    Yes, I still use the stroller so its in good working condition. You may use it. Just come pick it up.

  4. Haha... :)I KNEW I would, too. It just takes awhile for me to convince my body to do what my mind knows is right.

    Thanks about the stroller, we'll pick it up when we come to get Breanne, tomorrow evening, ok?