Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disney Vacation

Who doesn't love THIS kit! If you have kids, you need this kit. I feel as if I could make 50pages of this stuff and still not exhaust the ideas it brings.

Wishes and Dreams

I like the muted colors of this kit. Wishes and Dreams is a kit that has awesome elements and is fun to create with but I have yet to find that ANY pictures look good with it. I have made up a few pages with these colors for my storybooks but have never been content to keep them once I added my pictures. So I would change the colors and once again I wouldn't have a page of Wishes and Dreams.
What would YOU put with these colors? I guess, that if I had pictures of a baby boy all wrapped up in a soft blue blanket it might work...maybe.

Story Book Page 42 and 43

Story Book Page 40 and 41

Monday, March 29, 2010

Recipe Book

I really like this kit and use it a lot. It was created so that one could make their own recipe book on StoryBook Creator. I use it for everything but a recipe book.
The background is white...wonder what it would look like if I made if Chocolate Brown.
Nope! I tried it and I don't like it that much.

Jewel Heritage

Everything is from Jewel Heritage. The overlays are a seperate kit and are called Jewel Heritage-Overlays

Delight Baby Girl

Everything on these pages is from the Delight Baby Girl kit.
Of course, the elephant would have been perfect if the pages had been put into a book instead of a blog.

Classic Summer

I used Classic Summer with one sheet of paper from Classic Spring. Remember you asked me if I had done this layout and I said I hadn't?
Well, I did now.
I am unsure of how I can improve on the aida cloth white piece. Perhaps a light blue? Perhaps keep it white and take out the texture?

Looking for advice

I've been looking into converting all my 12x12 StoryBooks into 8x8. Mostly to cut down on the price. Here is the comparison. 12x12 is a minimum of $87.99 while an 8x8 is minimum $29.99
That nearly a $60 difference per StoryBook! This is a great motivator but...

...then I will have to go over ALL the completed pages and change the font sizes. This will be quit a bit of work. Is it worth it?

Talk me into it...or not. Do you feel that 8x8 will be a good choice or a bad? Have I missed thinking of something real important? Like, will I enjoy a smaller size? Will I regret all the additional work?

Another thing I cut out was the hard cover...I would go soft cover, therefore lowering the price tag even more.

Encourage me to save the money...or not. I could use the extra money for much more worthy causes...
(I do have a lot of 8x8 scrapbooks already and I DO enjoy looking through them...)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Preppy Patterns

I challenged myself to use delicate stitching and torn paper along with metalic elements. I used Digital Embellishments-Elements along with Preppy Patterns to get this look. I love how this layout turned out with the blend of two opposites ... delicate and rough/tough.

Just something fun!

I had some inspiration this morning and began making this page. I didn't have any photos originally. I only planned on making a pre-designed page for fun. But when I was finished I had to find some photos to finish it off. What do you think? Whould you have used different photos? Whould you have used a different theme for these pictures? Just thought you might be interested to see how you can do something really 'out of the box' and still get a lovely result.
I posted these pages without the pictures at my other blog. Find the blog by going to my profile.


The frames came from Digital Embellishments-Frames and Borders and from Digital Variety Kit otherwise everything else is from the Family Kit.

Note of THANKS

Hey! Thanks a whole lot for all the searching and finding that you've been doing so far for me. I am willing to do likewise with your pages if you just post them. Here's how you do it. When your page is done, click on the save button on the HOME ribbon (not the button as much as the down arrow on the button) Then click on 'save pages as'. Then choose to save them as JPEG and choose where you will save them (preferably in My pictures...make a folder marked 'storybook blog') and then click save. There, now, you can post your pages. I'd love to spend more time looking at them then I did when at your place. You do such neat work.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Story Book Page 38 and 39

Story Book Page 36 and 37

Silly page but hey, I needed to scrapbook about SOMETHING!

Story Book Page 32 and 33

I absolutely adore these pages! The people in them too!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Story Book Page 28 and 29

Keep in mind that the top picture is the left hand picture with all these posts of layouts.

Story Book Page 26 and 27

No matter how many times I line the pages up side by side on Blogger, they don't stay that way. They are right on the new post page but as soon as I publish it and check the blog they have moved to be one on top of the other again. I wonder how you get them to stay where you put them.