Monday, March 29, 2010

Looking for advice

I've been looking into converting all my 12x12 StoryBooks into 8x8. Mostly to cut down on the price. Here is the comparison. 12x12 is a minimum of $87.99 while an 8x8 is minimum $29.99
That nearly a $60 difference per StoryBook! This is a great motivator but...

...then I will have to go over ALL the completed pages and change the font sizes. This will be quit a bit of work. Is it worth it?

Talk me into it...or not. Do you feel that 8x8 will be a good choice or a bad? Have I missed thinking of something real important? Like, will I enjoy a smaller size? Will I regret all the additional work?

Another thing I cut out was the hard cover...I would go soft cover, therefore lowering the price tag even more.

Encourage me to save the money...or not. I could use the extra money for much more worthy causes...
(I do have a lot of 8x8 scrapbooks already and I DO enjoy looking through them...)

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