Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just something fun!

I had some inspiration this morning and began making this page. I didn't have any photos originally. I only planned on making a pre-designed page for fun. But when I was finished I had to find some photos to finish it off. What do you think? Whould you have used different photos? Whould you have used a different theme for these pictures? Just thought you might be interested to see how you can do something really 'out of the box' and still get a lovely result.
I posted these pages without the pictures at my other blog. Find the blog by going to my profile.


  1. I like these a lot! I just used that background paper for a layout of my own. I'm really liking that Family pack. The pictures work really well with that layout. If I was scrapbooking by hand I would have greatly desired the Cabana paper pack (is that what that package was called that Breanne and I loved?)to do up these pictures. To bad they didn't do it up for digital, eh?

  2. Cabana, YES! That was a great pack. Wish they would have too!