Monday, May 10, 2010

Most Popular Gift for Mother's Day

Recognize this Mother's Day gift? All moms everywhere know what this is about. It's spring and the first of the bulbs are starting to bloom. We want to enjoy them while they are in the garden and perhaps if we are honest we want to show them off. Then one of our little ones comes in with his/her fist tightly grasping a very short stemmed bloom. Inwardly we groan b/c we know that they were plucked from our garden (and there were so few of them the way it was) but outwardly we beam at them and make a big deal about the gift that they have so thoughfully brought to us.

I'm interested in what you say to your child following this exchange.


  1. I've blogged about this before and can blog about it again as it just happened yesterday with my grape hyacinths. Just like last time, I gasp, and then say something like, "Wow! Pretty!" and tell them to go get my tiniest vase. I do also say,though, after the flowers are tucked in water. "No more,k?" :)

  2. It's a hard know what to say.

    I ended up going into a long-winded explanation about how the flowers needed to stay in the ground so they could make babies for next year otherwise there would be no more flowers next spring.