Thursday, May 6, 2010


When I was at the quilting class last night, my eye catch sight of a pattern book for smocking. Immediately that little spark for someday learning this craft burst into flame. Here I was at a quilting class, trying my hand at this equally beautiful craft and my thought are being tugged to this instead. Its like going out with a amazing guy and then having your eyes drawn to another equally amazing guy the whole night long.

Really! I do so want to learn how to do this. Years ago I thought I would take it up but life happened, as it always does, and I forgot about it. Now I can't stop thinking about bonnets, and little girlie dresses and lovely childrens coats all smocked up. I asked around at the sewing places here in Lethbridge to see if they taught people how to do smocking but no one knew of a class. They told me that I should just buy a pattern book and follow the directions. Arggg. I like best to watch people doing it. Then I can try it myself.

Anyway, here I am, dating a quilt but in love with a smock.


  1. haha dating a quilt but in love with smock... It is pretty though eh? I think little girl dresses like that are sooo cute!

  2. Hi Racheal, thanks for sharing my passion for smocked dresses!