Friday, May 21, 2010

Those first 7 of 52.

If you have been following my 52 Healthy Lifestyle Changes you may be interested in how I am doing with them. Here's what I've been up to:

Number 1: Lemons- I still have a whole lemon everyday in two glasses of water. One first thing in the morning and another in the late afternoon. Katrina gave me a gorgeous green bowl to put the lemons in. It looks so nice on my island and the yellow lemons look so fresh next to the green.

Number 2: Deep Breathing- I am doing this more and more each day. At first I only ended up doing it once a the morning when I just got up...but now I find myself doing it at all times of the day. It works so well for me and is a great stress reliever. Click here for a great post on the how and why of deep breathing.

Number 3: Early Morning Routine- I have not faltered from this one. I love it. One thing though...I wish I would have more desire to read the Word.

Number 4: Just Add Water- I am learning more and more about how necessary water is and I am drinking more and more each day. I think I am up to 12 cups a day. I still feel a need to go to the bathroom a lot but Kira insists that after a few more weeks that my body will start using the water more instead of sending it so quickly to the bladder. It worked for her!

Number 5: The metabolic Power of Relaxation-I am much more aware of what I am eating and as a result have really slowed down. I take the time to think about everything involved in my meal. The sight, smell, taste and texture all get my attention. I eat slowly, grateful for the renewed love of food that has taken place since I started on this healthy lifestyle. I truly have fallen in love with food again. By food, I mean real food, nothing processed. I still loath processed foods- which shouldn't even be called foods.

Number 6: Correct Posture- This one is the most amazing change of all. I am actually standing straight once again. It's been years. No kidding! Here's what happened. I developed a pregnancy back-what with all those pregnancies one after the other. So my back was always dipped in. Imagine it like this. Your heavy belly is pulled forward and your back arches. Ideally, after pregnancy you straiten up, but I didn't. Partly laziness and lack of confidence perhaps. But remember how I was determined to adjust (fix) my posture. Well I did it! I still have much room for improvement but I seldom sit with a slouch anymore and I am now unconsciously straightening my back when I get up to walk or am standing still. I am amazed at how quickly my body adjusted to this. It was very hard at first. I got such a sore back from using those muscles that I had neglected for so long. I now walk straight and tall and feel so very slim. So much so that when I looked in the mirror this evening I was shocked to see that I wasn't slim at all! Not at all! But I feel that slim, and that's what counts.

Number 7: Morning stretches- Love doing these and feel I will not ever want to give them up after discovering just how energizing they are. I love rubbing my feet and stretching them along with every other stretch. I have been doing a bit of reflexology with my feet in the mornings and hope to learn more about it. When I do, I will make it Lifestyle Change. Yes, stretching before and after getting up is so good. Then, for something real nice, step outside and do it while facing the warm morning!

That's it for now. I will be adding three new ones soon. Laughter, Dry Skin Brushing and Coconut Oil. Keep posted and let me know if you are following along!

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  1. I was just wondering yesterday how you were doing with your 52 lifestyle changes. Looking forward to the post about coconut oil! I am interested in it's benefits :)