Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scrapbook 3, Page 8+9

Have you ever been to the Giant Cedar Boardwalk. It's on the way to chilliwack and worth a quick stop. Not only do you get to stretch your legs but you get to hear, see, feel and smell a whole lot of wonderful things of nature. So good and refreshing after being in the car for the past couple hours.
Is there a favorite stop that you take on the way to Chilliwack that you care to share with me?


  1. i have never heard of this place, is it quite close to Chilliwack or still a few hours away? I have stopped at Crazy Creek Falls a few times on our ways to and from Alberta... I think you were with me one time... not sure. I love trips like that, not to rushed, where you can still have time to get out and strech!

  2. never heard of it either.Tell me where.

  3. Close to the Crazy Creek area, Revelstoke, Golden. Somewhere in there. It isn't well advertized so you have to look out for a simple green sign without pictures.