Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Renew You teleseminar

Is it time for another round of self-improvement? Me too!
The Nourished Life is advertising a teleseminar that aims to show you how to accomplish this by listening to 15 wonderful women who will talk to you about their area of expertise as relates to self-improvement. Why not skip over to The Nourished Life and talk a peek. Then sign up and enjoy the Free advice.


  1. If you are interested in self improvement then please check this out my wordpress site...
    I read your post on Kristi Angus's blog re animal cruelty. So where have you traveled since? Do you eat animals? Take the cruelty out of the equation and I still propose that murder is murder no matter what role you play in the process! Humans are serial killers in the disguise of purity, love and truth. What a horrible joke we are playing on ourselves as denial can only come back to haunt us, which is evidenced in the dying planet that we all share.

    Here is to a world of true compassion not this selective stuff we all share at present.

    David Coles