Monday, April 5, 2010

Story Book Page 46 and 47

Katrina and Racheal, from now on the pages that you see are 8x8. Think of them that way. Things will appear more crowded as I am loathe to take out too much of the original journaling. I just do my best to fit it in.


  1. Katrina, Do you know why my blog has the profile, welcome, followers and archives at the bottom of the page instead of along the side where I would like to see it?
    It moved when I changed the template to minima stretch. Yet, you have the same template and your info is on the side. How can I get this to be on mine?

  2. Oh! The butterfly kisses is PRECIOUS! And what a sweet page for the little "mennonite" girl. Yes, things do look a bit crowded with the words. With a bit of fiddling you could make it look less so but those things take time... so I understand. I love what you wrote, though, and wouldn't change the words at all. Really nice.

    As for your blog layout. Just go to your dashboard and click "layout" and then you should be able to move things around from there. Hopefully that works for you! :)