Friday, April 30, 2010

The Metabolic Power of Relaxation

I'm reading the SLow Down Diet again.
I have to read this book with a grain of salt.
Much is worthy though and I am working hard at living by the first 'rule'.

Take this thought and really meditate on it. I mean really, really chew on it.

If you're a fast and furious eater, it's time to change gears.
That's because the slower you eat, the faster you metabolize.

I thought on it long and hard and I am ready to change. To me it means, no more meals in the suburban, no more meals while running around the house setting things in order and no more mindless meal where I am reading a book.

I want to be more aware, I want to learn to love food once again. I want to eat for pleasure more then for nessecity; for energy more then just to fuel up.

I have learned that this statement above is oh, so true. If I become aware of what I am eating, I need so much less, and I do not get that horrid gut ache that follows crazy eating. Though I do not nessecarily eat what I eat fast, I do eat mindlessly and in 'furious atmospheres'. Yesterday, I had a scant handful of nuts and seeds, like I always do for an energy boost at about 4:30. But I ate then on the run. Then, yes, I felt almost as if I hadn't had any at all and wanted more. Then I decided to experiment. After supper I again ate a handful of nuts and seeds, but slowely and with awareness and lo and behold! I was satisfied. This is only one example, I have tried it in other ways too, but it does make a difference how you eat, not just what you eat.

As I learn more about how this helps me to metabolize faster and better I will post.

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