Thursday, April 22, 2010


What: Add fresh lemons to my daily diet.
Why: They supply me with Vitamin C and help alkalize my body. They are great for cleansing my liver and they are great energy boosters.
How: I will squeeze a half a lemon into a glass of room temp. water first thing each morning. I will do this one more time sometime during the rest of the day, especially when I need an energy boost.

Notes: I need to always have lemons on hand. I will do this by adding them to me master weekly grocery list. I will need at least 7 lemons a week. I will store them in a pretty bowl on my island. I will keep a pretty glass just for this drink by my sink.

To Buy: Lemons x7
To Find: Pretty glass and bowl


  1. I'm gonna do the lemon thing again, too. They're supposed to help to curb the appetite... did you happen to read anything about that in your book? Not what you need, I know, but definitely would be helpful for me!

    Now I don't want anyone to think that I am dieting while pregnant! I just need to control my overeating so that I gain a healthy amount of weight... not an unhealthy amount.

    I love the idea of doing a master grocery list. So many times I eat horrible because I have forgotten to buy fresh, healthy items that I enjoy.

    I just had my single wrap stuffed with salad and it was SO GOOD! I need to remember to have wraps and tomato, cucumber, etc. all on hand all the time!

    Another thing I'm gonna start doing again is keeping a food log. And this morning I also, finally, made up a list of healthy snack, breakfast, and lunch options. So hopefully this will all get me back on track, again!

    So why did you say 52 for lifestyle changes? Is that how many that book gives you?

  2. 52 Healthy lifestyle Changes was my idea.
    I mean to make a healthy change every week for a year. This week is adding the lemons. And no, I did not know that it curbed the appetite. So that's why it was hard to eat breakfast the last two days. I just didn't want to eat...I did though. Good self discipline, don't you think. Kira is adamant that breakfst MUST be eaten, NO excuses!

    I plan to also make a list called Healthy By Default so I can be encouraged that I do already do a lot of healthy things.

    Coming with me? Good! Knew you would. So its lemons for now. Where can we get the best lemons for the least amount of money?

    I do plan to get an many of my kids on board for this as I can. SO if I can get them or some of them to start the day off just like me, with lemon drink, then I will but I will need more lemons.

    After the kids watched SuperSize Me they will not hear of McD. I offered to take them. No WAY! I also watched Food Inc. Yes, that's how it is. The film is kind to the little 'ol farmer instead blaming the huge corporations. Cargil, Monsanto, etc. We farmers would deliver healthier foods if the comsumer demanded it. So it goes right back to us. We need to be advocating for better food. When we do the big companies that rule us farmers will have to ask us for better foods and then we will give it. Right now they are asking us to supply them with bad foods because the general public doesn't seem to care where their foods come from or how they are produced. And they are produced as cheaply as possible. ANyway, I could say a lot more, but I'll save it for another time. GOod film though, you can get it at you tube. just type in food inc. and it will give you some options. SOme don't work but htere is one that does.

    I am also intersted in seeing Food Matters another similar film I am told.

  3. My guess for cheep lemons is, of course, Superstore... you can buy them in bulk mesh bags there... probably 10 per bag, I'm thinking.

    I'm pretty interested in that Supersize Me. Though, we don't need to be convinced further about fast food, I'm still curious about it!

    Funny that you offered to take your kids! I'm sure that's the first time they've ever said "No Way!". Grin.