Monday, April 19, 2010

Blue-Eyed Girl


  1. Cute how you did that with the eyes! Wow, she's so 'done up' in these pictures that the boys didn't even recognize her! Breanne's pretty good at that hairdressing thing... assuming it was her that did it...

  2. Yeah it was Breanne.
    Well, I copied and pasted the picture then put it right on top of the original. Then I used the wand to cut out just the blue of the eyes on the top picture. Once cut out, I deleted the eyes and then made the top picture black and white. With the eyes cut out, I could see the eyes of the picture underneath that I had kept in color. Does that make sense?
    Try it. I'd love to see your boys' blue eyes. So much bluer then Channies even.

  3. Yes, I do understand how you did that with the eyes... thanks! :) I'm gonna have to try that with one of my pictures of Allan... I've got a good one I'm thinking of.