Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kickin' Acid

I am reading a new book called The Ultimate pH Solution because I am interested in balancing my body's chemistry in order to prevent disease and-what do you know-lose weight. This book's cover promises that I will learn how to do these things if I will only buy it and take it home with me. I did. Buy it.
This read better be worth it!
Anyway, it starts by making the case that balancing your pH is the last breakthrough in weight loss. Goodbye fad diets. Simply alkalize your body and all what ails you will be a thing of the past.
Hear my sarcasm? But its not that bad. The sarcasm. I am willing to learn. So here's what I learned in the first chapter.
  • -Because of my SAD (standard american diet) my body is too acidic.
  • -Therefor I will be sick. (DUH!?!)
  • -Acidic blood is the precursor of almost every disease.
  • -Most of the diseases that plague me would not occur in a pH-balanced body.
  • -If my blood is acidic I will show signs of age before my time. (Who's to determine that, I wonder?)
  • -Cancer cells require acid to survive. So kill them by starving them of acid.
But it's not all bad news...oh no, If I just do these things..........
  • -Eat the right foods (with all the contradictory info out there, just what is the right foods)
  • -Hop into a luxurious bath with the right ingredients (now I'm listening)
  • -Drink more alkaline water. (What's that?)
  • -Eat more alkaline fruits and vegetables to help 'melt' off weight. (Finally, the info I am looking for.)
..........I will be O.K.

So, what can I do with this information from this first chapter. Nothing! They give me no concrete advice. I need to read the rest of the book to get those answers.

But I did find a bit of something to get started. As I skimmed the book I saw a little highlighted piece that tells me that if I just put fresh lemon juice into my water everyday and for every drink I be doing a lot to balance my blood. That is something I can take away from this read.

Well, I guess it's off to the grocery store for 15 plus lemons. That should do it for the next week.
Seriously though, I will try to incorporate this into my diet as it makes sense and I feel that it's something I can do with minimal effort and maximum benefit.

Bring on the lemons.

They don't have to be organic, do they?


  1. How can I make a link in the sidebar that goes to a post that I can continuely add to. A post where I would add each new step I am taking in the order I take them. Then another link that links to a page that has a post of lists of things I always need to keep on hand in order to see my intentions come to completion and consistancy. If this request doesn't make sense it's because my brain's fried.
    P.S.We just couldn't make the CHWK trip come about.Sorry about that. I'll have to let mom know. They'll be disappionted.WOnder if she reads this blog??? Hey MOM, are you there?

  2. Okay... about your comment... I know what you mean, it's just a little complicated to explain. Can I just show you next time I come over?

    And about the CHWK trip. Too bad, but that's okay. At least I didn't say anything to the boys as I was never too sure if it would work out anyway.

    And about your post. I couldn't help but grin about your sarcasm... I can just hear you. And I get it. Everybody has their theory right? Why is it so difficult? Does it really have to be? I guess when a person has health problems, though, it does. It's either that... going healthy... or drugs, right?

    I have heard so much good about lemons, though, and for awhile was drinking a glass or two or three of warm lemon water every morning. And as long as you don't put the peel in your water, I wouldn't worry about organic or not.

  3. I have heard about warm lemon water in the morning as well. I sure can understand your frusteration with all the info out there with what is good and what is not. So much contradiction everywhere! To bad you can't make it out to chilliwack like you planned. Oh well, next time! :) It sure was fun seeing you for those few days last week!

  4. Thanks both of you.
    I just can't go anywhere when I am unsure of what is happening with my body health wise. Still having complication and am tired and fussyheaded.
    'Sides, Brian is going this weekend and I have to be here for Gideon's cadet and Janina's skills competition. Next week I have more Cadet commitments.
    I had hopes to go with Katrina but she needs to be home by Friday. SO a lot is going on to keep us here. SO sorry.
    I had my first lemon drink today. How much do you squeeze into a glass? I did half a lemon and the taste was very lemony. Was that too much?
    I guess I better just look it up...

  5. Here's something you could do. I've done this myself. In the morning, squeeze a half lemon into a jug that holds eight glasses of water. Then keep it in the fridge and drink from it all day. That way you can be sure that when the jug is done you've had your recommended daily intake of water and the lemon as well! Very refreshing.

  6. That sounds more like it. Half a lemon to 8 glasses. Yes, good idea.
    See you tomorrow.