Friday, April 30, 2010

Inexpensive Gift Idea

I needed to get a quick gift together to give to my neighbors who were both sick the broncitis. I wanted to do it as frugally as possible. I found these boxes of meat, cheese and crackers in the Pharmacy.There original prices were $15 and $18. They were marked down 75% because the meat was near due date.
I took both home and opened them up. I threw out the meat as it was no longer sealed tight and I placed the other items together in a tin that I had laying around. First I filled the tin with the filler that had come in the boxes. So then, I used what was in two boxes to fill one and had a nice gift. Then I tied a ribbon aroung the box, found a get well card and added a get well helleum ballon that I got at the dollar store.
Then I drove out to the neighbors in the mud and delivered the gift to their door.
It only cost me a few bucks.

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