Monday, April 26, 2010

Early Morning Routine

What: Have a consistent routine to follow each morning.
Why: It will help me to wake up and motivate me to start my day with energy and enthusiasm.
How: When alarm rings...
  1. Slap the snoose button and start waking up.
  2. Think about my dreams.
  3. Think about what I will be doing today.
  4. Pray for a blessing on the day etc.
When second alarm sounds...
  1. Get up.
  2. *Stretch.*
  3. Deep Breathe.
  4. Brush teeth.
  5. *Wash face.*
  6. Comb hair.
  7. Moistureize face, hands and feet.
  8. *Slip on socks and clothes.*
  9. Leave bedroom.
  10. Drink lemon water.

Notes: I have been doing this for months already, but I need to keep doing it as this simple routine makes such a difference in how my day goes. If I don't take these first steps I can't seem to get going and often the whole day flops.

Action: Make sure to keep these products in my room. Toothbrush, Tooth paste, Spunge, Hairbrush, Hairspray, Moisturizers, Socks and comfortable clothes. When replacing these items, be sure to get healthier, natural, sustainable, green, organic, chemical-free products.

* more details coming soon. *


  1. Makes such a difference to get up, get dressed and have a plan for the day first thing in the morning right? I can sure learn from this!

  2. I find that this early morning plan is the easiest to be consistent with. It's the later morning one that's hard to stick too. I'll post it someday soon.