Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nature Walk


  1. CARBUNKLES!!! LOL... that is hilarious! I can just hear it.

    I SO enjoyed this page, Tracy! Oh, it makes me long for CHWK! Love your shots of the dandelions and even the 'horsetail' (though I hated it when we lived there) can be beautiful! And that shot in the upper right hand corner... what am I looking at? Is it moss growing flowers?! Never noticed THAT before. And, Oh, the pink blossom turns into those delicious wild raspberries we used to pick along the "long stretch", right?

    Beautiful page.

    And I'm still LingOL every time I think about the walking along the beach taking pictures of carbunkles! Thanks Mom!

  2. Yeah, this has got to be my favorite page so far. At least of the CHWK pages.
    And yes, we sure had fun coming up with words to help mom.
    "Mom, maybe you mean...barkuncles...or buncarkels. etc." We were laughing so much we or at least I, got sore tummies.

    Hey, I still might go to CHWK next week. I will have 4 empty seats as I will not be taking the big kids. If I go, wanna come!!!

  3. I would LOVE that!!! Depends on when you go, though. I'm scheduled to have Julia (respite care) at 3:00 on Friday afternoon.