Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snow Day

That will be it for a while.
I got lots done today because I didn't have to go to town, I had a clean, neat house with the wash caught up and the pantry full and I didn't feel well. Channie and I hung out all afternoon with a touch of flu. Came on fast, like Gideon yesterday. He was sick from noon to midnight and then was better again. He even ate two bowls of oatmeal this morning. So it looks like the flu is a short one and I'll be busy again tomorrow. I'll post again next week.


  1. "winter clothe" should be "winter clothes" and I hear ya about the mud... so glad everything is drying up again fairly quickly.

    At least you let your kids outside. I just couldn't bare to haul out all the winter gear as I had JUST washed it all and put it away into totes the previous week so the boys had to stay inside.

  2. I would have made them stay inside too but they had the coats all hauled out before I even got home from CHWK.