Monday, January 25, 2010

StoryBook page 12 and 13

Actually, I hope that she will not always be my baby 'cause I want to have another one someday!


  1. I hear ya! :)

    I like the bright colors on this page... maybe make the title a bit bolder?... maybe a different font... more like the letters on the bus.

    I'm never too sure about making suggestions because i always like to see it before i can say for sure, so if you like it how it is... keep it!

  2. i guess i would change the "always my baby" too. it seems distracting somehow. Maybe straighten it... or take it out completely.

    And the round photo in the top left hand corner of the first page... i would probably try to bring it "in" and "down" a little more... it just seems to be too off on its own.

    Hope that helps!